Advanced Price Action & Market Structure

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Take your trading and technical analysis skills to the next level:

In this brand new course, never before shared with the public, these advanced video lectures divulge my proprietary trading strategies. We’ll build on the foundations learnt in the first course and add specific market structure methods and price patterns to increase your trading edge.

Learn how to predict those trades on the home page of this website:

Learn how to predict the trades shown on the home page of this website. At the end of this course, you’ll understand the strategies behind those setups and be able to apply the same strategies to any market, including Cryptos, Forex, Commodities and Stock Equity Indices.


In this course you will learn:

  • Strategy Foundations. Recapping key concepts and common mistakes; Supply & Demand, Impulses, PPZs, Bull/Bear Traps, Engulfs, Returns, The 4 channel categories.
  • The S-DBT Flow Pattern.
  • Bias, Flow & Market Structure – don’t trade without understanding the directional bias of the market!
  • Combining Volume Profile with the strategies I teach, plus it’s connection with Liquidity and PPZ levels.
  • The S-DBT Target Method. Highly accurate method for obtaining price targets.
  • The 2 Equities day trading strategies that produce reliable setups every week.
  • The Crypto Pump & Dump strategy.

This Course Includes:

37 lectures, over 3.5 hours duration, 300 days on-demand video access, help via private messaging.


Students should understand Supply & Demand and the foundation topics discussed in the first course.

Learning Path:

Course Content

Strategy Foundations
The S-DBT Flow Pattern
Bias, Flow & Market Structure
Volume Profile
The Highly Accurate S-DBT Target Method
Conclusion/The Big Reveal!
Equity Index Day Trading Strategies
Equity Day Trading Strategy Examples
Additional Lectures (New lectures will be added periodically)
Next Steps...

Copyright Notice:

This course and all content, images and videos are the intellectual property and Copyright © TraderSimon 2021. Video content is protected with Encrypted Video Streaming and Invisible Watermarking to identify the source of counterfeits. We have received reports of customers losing money to fake course download scams, or worse, installing viruses or keyloggers to their PC. Therefore it is strongly recommended to only purchase the official course from

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