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About TraderSimon

---- Simon Kloot, Trader and Mentor ----

IT consultant for investment banks turned professional day trader.

Simon lives with his wife and daughter in North London. He trades Forex, Equity Indices, Gold and Cryptos and enjoys helping others attain their trading goals.

Trading Style

Technical analysis, but not the type you find in standard textbooks! I employ a mix of Supply and Demand, Support and Resistance, Market Structure and proprietary price action patterns to read the markets.

My approach is entirely levels-based. Simplicity is key – I don’t use fancy indicators with bells and whistles. The only exception being Volume Profile.

Assets traded include Forex, Gold, Equity Indices and Cryptos, with holding times ranging from hours to weeks.

Trading Courses

You’ve read the blog articles, seen the trading calls on Twitter and watched my videos. Perhaps you’d like to learn how to trade for yourself? I reveal all in my online trading courses, now available directly on this website.

Professional Trading With Institutional Supply & Demand, Advanced Price Action & Market Structure.