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Dollar Index (DXY) short trade called on Twitter...
Gold stophunt & long trade, called on Twitter...
Platinum long trade, called on Twitter...
The original Supply & Demand course and the new Advanced course to take your trading to the next level.
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Trades Called Live On Twitter Using These Strategies…

Bitcoin Before…

BEFORE: Bitcoin long call, 17th June 2023.

Bitcoin After…

AFTER: Both targets reached.

Matic Before…

BEFORE: MATICUSD short call, 10th May 2023

Matic After…

AFTER: MATICUSD Final target

Gold Before…

BEFORE: Gold stophunting range and Demand.

Gold After…

AFTER: Stops taken. Moves up from Demand.

Dollar Index Before…

BEFORE: Dollar Index short and projection on the weekly chart.

Dollar Index After…

AFTER: Dollar Index target complete.

Platinum Before…

BEFORE: Platinum long called on Twitter.

Platinum After…

AFTER: Platinum target complete.

Stellar Lumens Before…

BEFORE: Stellar Lumens anticipating bullish move.

Stellar Lumens After…

AFTER: Target exceeded.

Professional Trading With Institutional Supply & Demand

The best selling Supply & Demand course on Udemy has found a new home on this website!

Advanced Price Action & Market Structure

These advanced video lectures build on the foundations of the first course and teach my proprietary trading strategies.

The Original Supply & Demand Course

Whether you're a beginning trader or an advanced trader trying to turn that corner, this course consisting of 41 lectures will provide you with the route to finding trading consistency and profitability in any market that can be charted.

Clear, Concise Video Explanations

No waffle, no BS. 4 hours of clear, concise video explaining EXACTLY how it should be done.


In this course you'll learn:

41 video lectures, The 14 Key Setups Blueprint, exercises.

This course consists of 41 lectures over 3.5 hours of video. The '14 Key Setups' blueprint, course notes and exercises are included as downloads.

New Cryptocurrency Lectures

New for 2018: A brand new section explaining how to apply my strategies to Bitcoin and Crypto currencies.

The Advanced Course

Never before shared with the general public, these advanced video lectures divulge my proprietary trading strategies. We'll build on the foundations learnt in the first course. If you've ever looked at a chart, been unclear as to the direction of the market or the market has fooled you into trading in the wrong direction, then this course is for you!

How To Predict those moves in the charts above

Learn how to predict the trades shown further down this page, whether in Cryptos, Forex, Commodities or Equities. At the end of this course, you'll understand the strategies behind those setups.


In this course you'll learn:

Video Lectures and Webinar Excerpts, worth their weight in gold!

Over 3.5 hours of Videos comprised of 37 lectures and excerpts from private webinars (with more being added) covering very specific market structure and price action methods to give you an "edge". We get right to the point, so you don't have to sit through "War and Peace" like some other trading courses!

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